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flashback Friday-Halloween at my house

We always “did it up” for Halloween every year.  Especially when I got into jr. high and wasn’t going trick or treating anymore.  I claimed it my duty to decorate the front of the house and pass out candy.

Remember on Monday I said I wasn’t afraid of gruesome?  Well, check out the balcony of our house.  Yep, I taped half a plastic knife to an old doll and taped red paper around it as blood.  Nice.  If I was a mom in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t go up to my house!  Geesh!

And I still “dressed up”. You can see me with one of my friends here (and my little sis!), passing out candy. Painted face, glow in the dark bat boxers (yes I wore men’s boxers that day), pumpkin antenna, pumpkin socks…

I wish I could see the faces of those kids!