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how not to buy candy on Halloween

Yes, we eat too much fast food in our house.

I’m probably trying to make excuses for why I have SO MANY kids meal toys accumulated over a year, but it’s true that every time we get fast food, I order 4 kids meals, (I get one too), and that equals 4 small toys that I don’t want in my house.  When I look at the two bags below (the girls separated them into boy and girl toys), I shudder to think all of that could of been littering my house right now.  But instead, right after Halloween last year, I started collecting the kids meal toys.  My kids first whined about it, but then they realized how fun it will be to pass out toys this Halloween!  They will be like little elves!  😉

So Happy Halloween local trick or treaters!  You get a kids meal toy from our house!  I know it will not be the parent’s most favorite thing to see in their kid’s bag, but at least it won’t rot their teeth!  😉  (And hopefully it will discourage grown kids from trying to trick or treat at my house!)  No candy here…