first gruesome Halloween party!

Leave it to my parents to introduce my kids to their first gruesome Halloween party!  😉  I think because my dad is a doctor, blood and guts are not that scary, but rather a reality.  😉  And you will see on my flashback Friday this week, that I didn’t mind the gore either growing up!  Anyway, after Rilyn’s cheer competition on Saturday, my parents drove my kids back to Temple to take them to another doctor’s Halloween party that was “for the kids”.  (Mom, I’m fine with what they saw, I just think it was funny that this party was marketed for young kids!)

Harmless enough…a “haunted house”

I can hear my mom now, “stand in front of the gruesome corpse kids!” Asher isn’t so sure…

In this graveyard, it looks like all my kids are ready to get outta there!

And Asher is running from the spooky house! Hehe, this picture of him cracks me up!


Now for some family fun! My dad drove the “train” around the property full of kids. Not sure why Asher is sitting with some random girl and not Ella. Rilyn is in the front with grandpa.

Ella was the one who broke the spider pinata (chopped off his head!) therefore we now have a broken spider pinata in our house as a “trophy”. 🙂 I think she is posing with the party host.

The kids had a lot of fun with a hayride and play equipment too. The week before Halloween is always one big party around here! Lots of sweets and fun! Stay tuned!

*Some pictures were left out to keep this post PG.   (Seriously, there was a grim reaper with a rifle pointed at the kids!!)?!?!?!

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