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Happy 33rd!

James said he finally will remember how old he is this year because he can remember the number 33.  Seriously, is this what happens as you age?  You forget how old you are?

Well, James didn’t get the best sports birthday weekend with the Aggies and Cowboys losing, but at least the Rangers won!

Another “fun thing” as you age, you start asking for lamer and lamer presents.  This year he told me to use any money we would spend on his birthday to put toward sprinklers.  Blah.  😛  Oh well, the way to this man’s heart is food anyway.  I’ve made banana pudding, cheesecake, and strawberry yogurt pies, and that’s just the sweets I’ve made!  I also bought all his favorite junk food at the grocery store.  And made his favorite dinners, so he should be going to the gym everyday from here until Christmas.  🙂

I love this man so much.  Thanking God for the 14 years I’ve known him!

this was obviously before watching the Aggie game b/c otherwise his shirt would of been changed.