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First Day of K!

I’m interrupting these blog posts of our California vacation for a very important milestone!  Ella started Kindergarten yesterday!  She was very excited, and had not one bit of nervousness!  I was so happy for her!  My guess is that she will love school and her teacher!  (She has the same kindergarten teacher as Rilyn had.)  I’ve had 2 kids in preschool for 4 years straight, so I’m entering a new season of life with only one kid left at home!  Wow!!!

August 23rd

Here is the 4th annual “matching outfits” picture of Anna and Ella on their first day of school!

September 2010
September 2009
September 2008

Love this teacher!


Ready for the day!

Ella getting off the school bus for the first time!

Jen made the kids “back to school” cupcakes for an after school treat! Ella got a bus cupcake because it was her first time to ride the bus! So sweet!  When Ella got off the bus, she told me she had the best day of her life!  Wow!!


California vacation day 4

Day 4 took us back to Disneyland!  This time we took more opportunities to meet characters and see shows.  We hit 16 attractions in 12 hours.

Asher refused to wear a Mickey Ears hat.  So sad for this mommy!

Our first stop was Space Mountain. We made Ella and Rilyn go on it. We had a switch pass so after the first ride, James was going to go on with the girls. Ella hated the ride, so only Rilyn went back with daddy (and that was only because she knew daddy really wanted to go on it! See one of the pictures below.)

this is before the ride started!
during the ride
Both girls look like they’ve been through the washing machine after the ride, but Rilyn

went again just for daddy!

We went on the Nemo Submarine ride!

We met Fawn!
Peter Pan!
Tow Mater and McQueen
Toy Story Mania ride-James’ favorite!
Sully from Monsters Inc.!

We took the girls to a princess show while Asher was napping where they teach you “how to be a princess”.  I think this picture is hilarious because the princesses are teaching the girls how to curtsy, and Ella is pulling out a wedgy.

Ella in plaid shorts, white top
Ella ribbon dancing with Snow White!

We headed to Toon Town in the evening. I love this picture. Check out Rilyn!

This is heavy!

Here is Roger Rabbit Toon Spin ride. Ella did this on pretty much every dark ride. She hates loud noises and surprises.

Our tradition is to end our visit to Disneyland on It’s A Small World. This still is our kid’s favorite ride!

Small World After All!

California vacation day 3

On Tuesday we went to the beach!  The kids had so much fun and could of stayed there all day!  The weather was perfect, and Asher was in heaven with so much sand and water!  When we first saw the beach I asked him what it was and he said, “A big pool and lots of sand boxes!!!”  You can tell he’s not a Californian!
You can also tell he’s not a Californian by the way he rubbed his eyes with sandy fingers. My kids could not figure out how to eat their lunch at the beach without getting sand all over their food. Such rookies!

salt water plus sandy eyes=tantrum
Rilyn running to the beach!
family shot
Ella the mermaid!

Asher could of done this all day. Random people got chunks of sand thrown on them as they were walking by!

building a sand castle!
I’ll “head” to the ocean in a minute!  hehe
one of the many times Asher got knocked down by the tide
future surfer dude?
building with grandpa

That night, me and James went to an Angels baseball game (with my cousin, dad, and uncle) because they were playing the Texas Rangers! How lucky was James? I grew up going to Angels games and so it was fun for me to bring out my old hat and cheer on the home team!

Anaheim stadium

I brought the “past into the present” again with a picture of me and my cousin, John, at an Angels game about 20 years ago.

John and me

The Rangers won so James was happy! I did catch James eyeing the Angels World Series trophy. The Rangers were so close last year!


California vacation day 2

Monday we went to Disneyland!  This is the day we made the girls go on Thunder Mountain!  🙂  We had a great day!!  Vacations are definitely a lot more fun now that the kids are getting older.  We spent 13 hours there, did 26 attractions (achievers like to count), and only had 3 meltdowns.  (One for each kid.)  Here is Ella’s meltdown (on Splash Mountain.) She was screaming and crying on the whole ride, even when we were going slow.

we told her she had to sit in the front because she was the smallest (this rule is not true, but I wanted her to experience the thrill!)

Rilyn had a meltdown at the end of the night because she couldn’t walk anymore, and so we doubled up one stroller (we only rented two.)

Asher’s meltdown was after he woke up from his nap. Not a happy boy. I had to hold him while he was thrashing about. No pictures, just lots of frustration for about 30 minutes.

I uploaded this next picture before I realized I hadn’t finished erasing all the people, so you see some headless people on our left.  Sorry, I’m on vacation and I’m blogging, and that’s what you get!




Peter Pan
Rilyn and grandpa!
my mom, Ella, Asher, and me on the tea cups!
I think Rilyn liked this ride!
Casey Jr. Train

We made Rilyn go on the Indiana Jones ride. Only Rilyn was tall enough for this ride so Grandma sat out with Ella and Asher. This is a thrill ride and Rilyn decided she didn’t like it at the end. 🙂

Wow, this looks like it could be scary!
Daddy, hold my hand!
A bumpy ride!
I don’t want to go on that again! (don’t worry she will one day.)
nap time!

Our goal was to meet characters that we didn’t meet in 2009. (Again, the achiever in me comes out.) My girls even told characters they had met before that they couldn’t sign their autograph book because they already got their signature before. Here was a good find! The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella!

Bippity Boppity Boo!

All Ella wanted was to meet Rapunzel, and she got her wish!

The girls were speechless when Rapunzel asked them questions!
Buzz Lightyear ride!
the new Ariel ride
California Adventure park
A Bug’s Life 3-D  (this was too scary for the kids, they all were crying at the end)
bumper cars
World of Color show at California Adventure

California vacation day 1

We flew into California on Sunday and spent the day relaxing with family! We are staying at my grandpa’s house in Huntington Beach. This is the same house I grew up spending holidays at with all my cousins. LOTS of memories!

I took this picture of my grandpa’s pool with an old picture of me in my grandpa’s pool (with my cousin) when I was about Rilyn’s age.  Bringing the past into the present!

my grandpa’s pool
I jumped off this board sooooo many times!

This is the girls with my cousin Shannon on the pier at Huntington Beach. She is getting married tomorrow and that is why we took this vacation! The girls will be flower girls and Asher the ring bearer!

Shannon, Rilyn, Ella
look at the ocean

Family picture on the pier. It was getting chilly. (I know you Texans are jealous!) 😉


Big Thunder!

We are in California for the week to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.  We are making a fun-filled family vacation out of it, so yesterday we went to Disneyland.  (We are going back on Wednesday too!)  We told our girls that Disneyland/California Adventure tickets are really expensive and so they WILL go on all the rides if they are tall enough!  😉  Neither of them fussed about going on Thunder Mountain.  I think it was Ella’s first “real” roller coaster and so I had to capture it on film!  If you look at the pictures in sequence, you will see the transition of Ella’s face from happy to terrified!

Rilyn is a little nervous…
This is fun!
Going up is a blast!
I call this the “transition” picture for Ella
not so sure…
what the ?!?
don’t let her looks fool you, she loved it!  (Splash Mountain was a different story though…)

New photo shoot!

I took my nephew’s two year portraits today!  So fun (and a little hard because he’s two!)  Here’s a sneak peek:
Click here to see more! It’s going to be a busy September for photo shoots, so stay tuned!

My photography business!

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