First Day of K!

I’m interrupting these blog posts of our California vacation for a very important milestone!  Ella started Kindergarten yesterday!  She was very excited, and had not one bit of nervousness!  I was so happy for her!  My guess is that she will love school and her teacher!  (She has the same kindergarten teacher as Rilyn had.)  I’ve had 2 kids in preschool for 4 years straight, so I’m entering a new season of life with only one kid left at home!  Wow!!!

August 23rd

Here is the 4th annual “matching outfits” picture of Anna and Ella on their first day of school!

September 2010
September 2009
September 2008

Love this teacher!


Ready for the day!

Ella getting off the school bus for the first time!

Jen made the kids “back to school” cupcakes for an after school treat! Ella got a bus cupcake because it was her first time to ride the bus! So sweet!  When Ella got off the bus, she told me she had the best day of her life!  Wow!!


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