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superhero party!

Whenever my friend Jen does birthday parties at home, she does them big!  Yesterday was Asher’s best friend, Caden’s, 3rd birthday party.  He had a joint party with another buddy in the neighborhood too.  It was a superhero party and very cute!

Jen’s cupcakes:

super hero cupcakes!

A photo booth:

Gotham city skyline!
Caden, Cole, Rilyn, Levi, Ella, Jamison, and Jake

Superhero “training” to fight the bad guys:

Asher’s first slip n’ slide experience!

Fighting the “bad guys” aka Caden and Gavin’s daddies aka the Green Goblin and the Joker:

The bad guys were trying to steal their cake!

Pinata time! (Asher tapping the pinata, Rilyn is the one who finished the pinata off and let the candy fly!)