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water park fun

We drove to my mom’s house yesterday to treat the kids to a morning at the local water park.  It was actually overcast, so the crowds were away, and it was a little cooler than our normal 100 degree temps as of late.

being silly

Can you see Rilyn and Ella underneath the play structure getting poured on? (Asher was scared of this and wouldn’t go near it!)

down pour!

Rilyn and I got to race down these slides together! It’s fun having a child who is tall enough now to do more rides!

last year Rilyn was too short to go down these

Here is grandma duck with her little grandducklings (Ella was probably floating away in the lazy river somewhere!)

The kids loved this splash pad because you could “breathe” under the water fountains! 😉

a rare picture of all three looking at the camera AND smiling!

Ella relaxing after a fun morning!

Thanks Grandma!