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I got my sunset pictures!

Our good friends from college, Kim and Ryan, came in town this past weekend.  We rented a pontoon boat with the Richardsons, and took a 4 hour cruise on Lake Travis.  James caught his first fish, (and his second, and his third!)  They were all just perches, but none the less, he can now say he has caught a fish!  And I finally got my sunset pictures (in Kauai, our sunsets were covered either by clouds or mountains.)

Jen, me, and Kim

With the expert help from Ryan, (he works for the Boy Scouts, so you know he is legit!), James caught and held up his first fish!

Then he tried to get me to touch it. NO WAY. I will draw the line at anything to do with fish and (flying) birds. GROSS.

keep that nasty thing away!
sun is starting to set

For some reason the guys thought it was hilarious to try and sink the boat by hitting wakes at just the right time and having a wall of water splash inside. You can tell by James’ shirt, they were very successful!

final shot before the sun sets