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29 years later

29 years later we are still praying for each other, loving each other, taking turns visiting each other.  Kristy and I met in preschool where we started the “kissy club” and ran around at recess time trying to kiss boys.  Having so many memories with someone is like having a sister, only you don’t fight!  😉  Here is a picture of us with our best friend necklaces.  We have had several throughout the early years, and unfortunately, we each lost different ones.  But Kristy will always be “Be Fri” and I am “st ends”!

Whenever we visit each other, we go through all our old pictures together. This time we found a picture that we wanted to try and copy now! Unfortunately my head is cocked the wrong way, but you get the idea!

I did fore-go the scrunchies in my hair this time!  And yes I had a bad perm then!

Some other fun pics of us growing up:

we were 4 years old!

Matching outfits of course!

anyone else rock the kool-ots?

I always thought I was short until Kristy moved away to Idaho! She is 6 feet and I am 5’8″!


Us in college!

at Northwest Nazarene University