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Kauai day 5

Day 5 was our last full day of activities.  We went on a sunset cruise of the Na Pali coast which is inaccessible by foot because of its sheer cliffs that drop straight down thousands of feet.  It is so beautiful there!  We saw some of it from our helicopter ride, but sailing right next to it was next level.

our catamaran
Just starting on our 4 hour tour
do you see King Kong’s profile?
another rainbow!
sun is starting to set…

I was most excited about getting sunset pictures in Kauai. The bummer was that we were staying on the side of the island where you could not see the sunset (because of the high mountains). I was so looking forward to the sunset cruise where I could get some beautiful shots with the ocean and sunset. “The shot” was totally going to be my new facebook profile picture! 😉 Well, that evening, the clouds took over, and this was the best we could get.

tiny sliver of sun setting….:(