ready to relax

We are in Hawaii now while you are reading this and celebrating our 10  year anniversary!  We are ready to relax and be refreshed in God’s beautiful nature.  James pointed me to Hebrews 4 earlier this week about Sabbath and how we can rest because the goal is already complete in Christ.  Busyness is not godliness.  Our society incorrectly treats exhaustion as a badge of honor, when in reality exhaustion is a sign of need.  And the need is there to point us to Him!

Speaking of relaxing and resting well…my girls were showing me how it is done yesterday morning when I caught them playing this:

Ella massaging Rilyn’s arm

Rilyn asks for sliced cucumbers as a snack normally, so I didn’t think anything strange when she asked for cucumbers this morning. Then I see this happening in the living room and they tell me they are playing “spa”! Hilarious. They must of seen it on TV because I have never put cucumbers on my eyes! I love having girls!

Ella’s turn!

When all was done, Ella enjoyed the lotion a little too much, and proceeded to put so much lotion on herself that it was to the point that I couldn’t see her arm anymore. It was just gobs of lotion up and down. She will be very moisturized this week! 🙂

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