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almost to the finish line!

One day left of first grade!  Rilyn is almost at the finish line!

At “fun day” for first grade yesterday.

She had her awards ceremony last Friday and she got the top point earner for Accelerated Reader program in first grade! She read about 160 books and took quizzes on them and then the AR computer program keeps track of your scores. She was totally self motivated to be #1. I’m not surprised, because she does have two “achievers” as parents, but I did have to tell Rilyn several times this spring, “It’s okay if you’re not #1. We know that you always try your best and we give God the glory for the skills He has blessed you with!” Rilyn will always be her toughest critic though. Here she is with her reading medal and you can tell the look on her face is pride.

I did it!