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flashback friday-wedding edition

Today is my brother’s 5 year anniversary to his bride, Becca!  I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of his wedding for flashback Friday!

Rilyn was the flower girl at 23 months old.  She never made it down the aisle (she cried), despite James’ parents waiting on the front row with a chocolate shake from McDonalds. Rookie mistake: she still got the shake at the back of the church because Papaw couldn’t resist her sweet tears, and she spilled it all over her dress.  Needless to say James’ parents took her home after the pictures were taken in the church.  No reception for her.

love this pic of her soon-to-be aunt Becca!

I was a bridesmaid and James was a groomsman.

Ella was only 5 months old, and I had to pump in the public restroom during the reception. I’m sure there were strange looks when ladies came in and heard the noises coming from the stall…

only picture I have with Ella in it (these are my cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandpa)…I had my hands full with Rilyn that day!!


It’s the end of a school year, so here comes all the awards ceremonies!  Rilyn wanted to do gymnastics to help her tumbling skills when it comes to cheerleading.  Since cheer is only August-October, we put her in gymnastics in January and will take her out in July to start her 2nd season of cheer.  She has a lot of fun and loves Capital Gymnastics!

She had her 4th birthday party here in 2008.

june 2008

And here she is bouncing on the same “tumbl trak” this afternoon 3 years later!  (Hair still flying high!)

yes, I edited this funky because I was in that kinda mood

She took gymnastics here in 2008 too.

her “award ceremony” 2008  (I like how Ella thinks she was in gymnastics too!)  She will get her turn this fall.

Rilyn’s award ceremony today:

that is her coach in the red shirt
jumping off the beam

budding author

Warning:  this might be a brag post.  😉

My favorite thing in school (beside art) would be creative writing.  Rilyn came home yesterday with a story she had written at school and I just had to post because I thought it was cute, and she really worked hard on it!  Maybe we will share favorite subjects in school!

Rilyn has done very well in first grade and we are so pleased with how her year went.  She has climbed to a 4th grade reading level and does 4th grade spelling tests!  We are definitely proud parents, but also remind Rilyn that it is God who gave her that brain and it is not in her power to succeed, but in the Lord’s.
(Instead of trying to make you read her handwriting and grammatically incorrect punctuation, etc.), I typed it out for you.

“Once upon a time there were 4 princesses. Their names were Shaliya, Rilyn, Jada, and Ariana. Ariana had nature power, Jada had sun power, Shaliya had rain power, and Rilyn had wind power. One day a fairy appeared. The fairy said, “I can grant four wishes.”  But at that time an evil queen was watching them and her name was Leah.

At that second, the fairy was gone. The queen had captured her and they didn’t know what to do. The evil queen had left a clue. It said “Go over the creepy mountains then go through a forest to meet me.” They followed it, but then the queen captured them. A knight heard their scream. He followed it and lead him to a castle. The knight saved them, his name was Ed Manuel.

One day the knight changed into a werewolf. The princesses were scared. They ran off to their homes. One day they heard a knock at the door. It was the werewolf. Ahhhhh!!!! They screamed. The werewolf said, “I’m sorry, I’m here to save you.”

That day the queen was destroyed. The fairy was free. They wished their wishes.
The end.”

(I think she ran out of time finishing the story in class, so she just got straight to the point!)


new photo shoot

I posted a new photo shoot on my photography blog today.  Please check it out!

Here is a sneak peek:


new glass and a little potty training

For my birthday I received the best birthday present ever from my hubs!  He had me convinced that we could not afford this, and I was perfectly fine with that.  After all, it was a big want, and not a need.  So, as the post title states, I got some new glass for my camera.  A professional Canon luxury lens!  I was speechless.  I told James the last time I felt like that was when he proposed, and I had no clue what was coming.  I played around with it this afternoon because I have a photo shoot tomorrow evening.  Here are some pics of the girls:

making an ella face
a little sass

I took the girls to the pool this afternoon in an effort to finish potty training Asher. What I mean by this is I took the girls to the pool without Asher because he still won’t go poo poo in the potty. He doesn’t get to go in the neighborhood pool until he does (now, I could fold on this promise because it’s not fair during the week to keep my girls home because of Asher, but for now, while the pool is only opened on the weekends…) While we were getting ready for the pool, Asher was putting his shoes on too, and when we told him he couldn’t go, he started crying. In an effort to rub it in, James even walked him to the pool and let him watch the girls and I behind the fence. I, of course, had my camera ready to capture this moment of, how shall we say it nicely? Extreme parenting? 🙂 Listen, I’m tired of buying pull-ups!!!
Here’s him pouting:

if you would just poo poo in the potty stubborn boy!
full out crying=success?  We’ll see tomorrow…

11 11 11

32 today!

Here is my 11th birthday posted on the 11th in ’11.   🙂


new photo shoot posted

Photography business is really picking up with 4 more bookings this month after today!  I had fun this morning on SoCo with my neighbors who were more than game with some of my crazy ideas!  Check it out!

Here is a peek!


flashback friday-moms

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

Here is my mom with her mom, Dorothea, circa 1953. What I love about this photo is that my grandmother (who I sadly never met), could totally get away with this outfit today. High heels with short shorts?! What a fashionista!

baby Norine

And here is me with my mom. Love her. SO MUCH.

Mothers Day 2006

the ugly cry

If you are an Oprah viewer, you might be familiar with “the ugly cry” that Oprah hates going into.

I think Asher may have that market cornered as seen this morning in his “Wee Sing” preschool performance.

I could tell from the start that things might not go smoothly.

Asher in the background…

Then, the music started, and he did really well. Even trying to do all the motions (sometimes a little late, but still)

His identical twin classmates next to him demonstrating “If you’re happy and you

know it”  Asher gets there…just slower.

Asher shaking his rattler and singing!

Then the third song started, “Thank You God” and he apparently wasn’t too thankful or maybe it was because he spotted James in the audience, maybe he didn’t like holding flowers because they’re girly (most likely not an issue for him), maybe some stage fright set in, or just a combination of all four…but he went into the ugly cry.

And the teachers tried to calm him down after his class sang, but then everyone went back up for one final song.

It was so cute trying to watch him hold his tears in.

keep it together!  best friend Caden, next to him not

caring at all.



This past weekend, my dear husband let me have a girls getaway in College Station with some of my best friends, Jen and Denise.  We stayed at my parents Octahouse, which was very relaxing and quiet.  Just what us busy mommies needed!

Jen, me, and Denise on Octahouse deck

We are all Aggies, and so we had a good time reminiscing as we walked around on campus and drove around College Station. Jen and I have known each other since 1997 when we met as freshmen at Aggie Sisters For Christ. The oldest picture I could find of us was March 1998 after an ASC date party. The theme was to pick a decade and dress like it. James and I just started dating here, and we were “the 1950’s”. I think Jen was too(?)

James, me, Jen, Kyle, Kim, Mike

We even made Denise take a picture of Jen and I at our old apartment (the Enclave) that we lived in our sophomore year!

had some great memories here!

I could include a picture of us three with beauty face masks on…but I won’t. Your welcome.  😉
Do yourself a favor and go on a girls getaway weekend, you won’t regret it!

My photography business!

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