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We celebrated Maundy Thursday this past week by James washing the girl’s feet.  We read John 13:1-17 about Jesus washing Simon Peter’s feet the night before he died.

James washing Ella’s feet.

Then the girls dyed eggs with their Oma and Papaw on Saturday in colors that represented parts of the Easter story.

Black is for the sin that hurts us so
But God can clean it white as snow.
Red, Jesus died because He loves us so,
And green, He wants us all to grow.
Purple, His royal color true,
Blue, He will come back one day for you.
There is orange and pink of sun rise bold,
And in Heaven, yellow streets of gold.

*poem taken from here

After church on Sunday, we had our Easter egg hunt!

90 eggs between the 3 of them!
this one looks good!

And then the kids got to open their Easter baskets (and Asher opened his birthday presents from family)

thanks grandma!  😉

Picture that Asher wouldn’t want me to post if he was older:

this is a ring pop in his mouth!

Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to Asher!


The rest of the afternoon, Asher played with his sisters in his new pool! It was a wonderful day celebrating the Risen Son and our son!

birthday fun