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Asher is three!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my son who, without him, life simply wouldn’t be as “colorful”!  (Colorful is a mommy code word.)    😉  Asher is a sensitive soul who loves cars, watching movies, jumping off things, getting dirty, and saying his letters.  Dislikes:  any animal that is not behind a cage and pooping in the potty (still won’t do it!  ugh.)  This next year of life will bring team sports, swim lessons, 2nd trip to Disneyland, and hopefully no trips to the E.R. (I’ve seen what little boys can do!)  Busta’ reminds me every hour that I need to rely on the Lord for raising him and that my strength can only come from Him!  (More mommy code for “he’s my toughest child, but the Lord is sanctifying me in the process.”)