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flashback Friday

I can’t help but post this again from Easter in March 2008:

Rilyn lately likes to make up her own songs. Today, Easter Sunday, she did not disappoint and decided to compose a ballad of the true meaning of Easter for us. Her video is priceless (her lyrics a bit random), but if you will watch till the end, Ella will manage to get attention too! (Watch her practice her launching skills too, you will see it didn’t help much!)


Jesus died on the cross

For the dead of God

He is the rose of the dead

That’s right!

He rose up from dead

Now we go to church on Sundays and Thursdays

That’s why we are churches

We have church in heaven all way down

Jesus loves us because we are heaven

We are going to go in heaven

Someday we will go in heaven

We will want Him too

And someday we will see Jesus in our heart


May Jesus loves us and you mommy and


Hmm. Hmm.