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more spring break

On our little spring break getaway in College Station, we also visited the Children’s Museum. ¬†I didn’t even knew they had one, but they do-it’s pretty small, but the kids still had fun!

the kids got to walk on the ceiling ūüėČ
play “grocery store”
climb into a rocket ship and get on “TV”
James attempted to teach them checkers

Sunset at the Octaranch.

Bathtime for Asher!


a little nostalgia

James took a couple days off and we went to College Station to take the kids to the Texas A&M campus. ¬†James and I walked the kids around and we showed them where we lived, our classes, our first kiss…it was so fun and a beautiful day!

First stop, to visit the Bonfire Memorial.

Both James and I had never been to the Memorial, but we both were in school 

when it collapsed on Nov. 18, 1999

We went to the southside where we showed them my dorm:

and daddy’s dorm across the way

southside commons

Then we went inside to the Commons lobby and showed the kids something very important to James and I-the ping pong tables. These tables are where our relationship started…long talks were held in this very room, getting to know each other…

James showing the kids how he played ping pong and lost to mommy a lot! ¬†ūüėČ
class of 2026
class of 2028
class of 2030

No campus tour is complete without visiting Heldenfels. ¬†We both took classes in there and James was an supplemental instructor (SI) for many Chem 101 classes. ¬†We went inside the classroom to show the kids what college is really like. Rilyn asked if my teacher would remember me. ūüėČ

pretending to be students in class

We walked this route many times…

Academic building in background

I did the best I could with this picture…it was waaaaay sunny and the fountain was drained, but here is Fish Pond, the site of James and I’s first kiss.

All Faiths Chapel, where we went to Upstream every Thursday night. Many lifetime friendships were formed here, the Spirit moving in ways we could have never imagined…

Kyle field

This is new in front of the “ring building”

future Aggie ring wearers

Ella took this picture-not too bad!

class of 2001

flashback friday-spring break style

In honor of spring break, here are some of our spring breaks of the past!

In 2000, we went to southern California with some college friends and checked out Disneyland, my home town, and Big Bear. ¬†Here we are at Huntington Beach, my “home beach” growing up.

only one person in this photo that we don’t keep up with-not too bad! 

Becca, Scott, Matthew, James, Julie, Noel, Carson

This is spring break 2002. We went to Las Vegas. This is us on top of the Stratosphere!

Halim, Jen, me, James, Noel, and Carson (by the way, Carson is now moving to 

Austin, so that makes 5 out of 6 in this picture living next to each other!)

This is spring break 2005. We went to Colorado to go skiing. We all stayed in one huge cabin, it was a lot of fun and this was the first time we left Rilyn for so long!

my brother Jeff, Noel (who sprained his arm on the trip), Dean, Halim, Carson 

James, Kim, Angela and me (Ryan is taking the picture and the Richardson’s were

there, they just brought newborn Cole and weren’t “available” much!

Spring break 2007-we moved to Manor from Houston! I can’t believe it has been 4 years now! James looks thrilled here.

getting ready to load the truck

While James was doing “the moving thing” and preparing our house in Manor for us, the girls and I were living with my parents for 3 weeks!

I can’t believe they were so young when we moved here!

photo booth!

Just found these pictures from the Austin Stone staff Christmas party “photo booth” last year. So funny! ¬†(Why I thought that hat would be a good idea to wear, I don’t know. ¬†And James? ¬†His “outfit” is just creepy!)

And with some of our best friends that we’ve known for almost 14 years!

the Suhs and Paquettes

And just for fun and because I like looking back at old pictures…

Halim and newborn Rilyn (July 2004)

pre digital picture days, so forgive the cut out (it’s from my scrapbook)
one of Rilyn’s baby showers (April 2004) ¬†Angela in the center (Kim, Becca, Katie,

Casey, Angela, Yuna, Jen)


putting God first

We did a quick family night on Tuesday night that I really liked.  If you go to the Thriving Family website, you can check out the whole activity.  (We did the school-age activity.)  The key message for our girls was when we’re not intentional about putting God first in our everyday life, there tends to be no time for praying, serving, and reading the Bible.  But when we put God first in our lives, everything else fits, (things like getting homework done, chores, playing with friends, TV time, etc.)!  In our family, one simple way we put God first is every morning before school we read a passage of scripture.  Last year it was Proverbs, (we would read Proverbs 9 if it was March 9th).  This year we are reading Psalms.  Then we pray together for our day, our teacher, our friends, and our school.  It takes a total of 5 minutes each morning.

Back to the activity (we used walnuts instead of golf balls like it suggests on the website):

The rice represents daily activities that are “unspiritual”. ¬†If you put the rice in first,then try to fit the three walnuts in (which represent reading the Bible, praying, and

serving one another), everything won’t fit in the jar!

But if you put the walnuts in first (put God first in your life)
before all the rice (the daily activities)
then everything fits in the jar!

dry off in Aggie style!

Asher’s 3rd birthday is next month and I just got his birthday present in the mail today! ¬†(Yes, I’m a planner.) ¬†He needed a hooded bath towel and I just couldn’t resist when I saw these darling manly hooded bath towels on etsy! ¬†The woman who makes them has a business called Monster Threads and she can make them in any sports team you want! ¬†Seriously, check her site out, the towels are so creative! ¬†The hoods look just like your favorite helmet! ¬†I picked the number ’24’ for his back because he was born on April 24th (which is Easter this year!!)

Ella is my model because I didn’t want Asher to see his birthday present!

back of towel
side view 1
side view 2

more Saturday in motion

Ella swinging away on our “boat swing” as we call it.


It was the girls’ idea to throw balls in the air when I told them I was trying to practice taking pictures of objects in motion (with some drag or blur) and keep other objects in focus. Here’s what they did!

Girls in focus, balls-not.

saturday afternoon

A Saturday with no plans=me wanting to do a photoshoot with the kids. ¬†I wanted to go to the park, but the weather was rainy this morning so I had to wait until after Asher’s naptime, and then I was too exhausted to drive anywhere with three kids. ¬†I settled for the backyard. ¬†Today’s shoot was me trying to hone my photography skills of capturing objects in motion while keeping other ones in focus in the same shot. ¬†Since Asher hasn’t had much face time lately on the blog, here are some of my favorites of him today.

Asher in focus, girls-not

And just for fun, because his eyebrows are just THAT hairy.

and I like his band-aid.

Happy 107th!

Dr. Seuss turned 107 years old yesterday! ¬†To celebrate, Rilyn’s school has Dr. Seuss Day today and you can dress as your favorite book character! ¬†Rilyn chose Cindy Lou Hoo which is a little stretch since Cindy has blue eyes and blond hair, but Rilyn was insistent! ¬†Here is what we came up with.

We combined this picture:

from the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon

with this picture (Cindy Lou Hoo from the Jim Carrey movie):

and got this!

she got to wear her pjs to school!
I probably would of been too embarrassed to wear this 

hair do to school, but Rilyn?  No way!

I am going to Rilyn’s school today and reading Dr. Seuss books to various classrooms (even 5th graders can appreciate¬†Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!) I will be wearing “the hat” and busting out some theatrical skills. I’m so excited!
(Forgive the early morning picture, no one looks their best at 7 in the morning!)


my sister has nothing on me!

Having Asher is God’s way of reminding me, “Will you trust Me while parenting this child? ¬†Will you rely on My strength and not your own? ” ¬†With the girls, I feel like I didn’t get on my knees and rely on the Lord for strength all the time. ¬†I should of, because I should be giving EVERY DETAIL to Him, but I didn’t. ¬†Rilyn and Ella were pretty easy kids and still are compared to this affectionately known “Busta’ Man” (because he busts everything up.)

As of late, he has been getting up every night for the past few weeks in the middle of the night to tell us “I’m scared” or “Good morning mama! (at 2:30 a.m.)” ¬†We take him potty because he is dry, and put him back in his bed. ¬†This week, he has been doing it twice a night and now I officially feel like I have a newborn again! ¬†Thankfully, James and I can take turns each night getting up with him (unlike newborn days when only mama had ‘the goods’). ¬†So today, here is a glimpse in our house when the busta’ man goes upstairs for a prolonged period of time. ¬†(All we have upstairs is a giant play room.)

I used to think, (waaaaaay back in the day), this was a big mess!

Rilyn age 10 months

But Asher? ¬†He makes his statement loud and clear: “My sister has nothing on me!”

granted we have more books now then in 2005…
Dear Lord, help me!

My photography business!

March 2011