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Here’s looking at you Austin

For Christmas, James bought me a Chimpsy photo field trip/class.  Such a perfect gift for me!  Today I went, and had a lot of fun!  I definitely learned how to stay out of “auto” and start venturing into “manual” mode on my camera.  This is very scary for a beginner photographer such as myself!  I’m not a big “let’s take pictures of landscape” person, so today’s class was hard for me because we were supposed to take pictures of things, not people.  I figured to spice it up, I will take pictures of the weirdest things I saw in our little part of Austin where we were shooting at, (San Marcos St. and 6th).

air stream trailers selling food were everywhere!
Some sort of fire hydrant bonfire?!?
I liked this trailer because it said “Lucky J’s”
interesting visual of telling the public you’re “open”
even the trees have character!
An old school bus serving lunch next to a “courtyard” with crazy art sculptures.
So I thought this trailer was cool and while I was snapping the shot, this girl ran

in my picture who looked very Austin’y’ if you ask me!

The “Vegan Yacht” airstream trailer
The “Local Yolk” airstream

Part of our practice was to take shots of “leading lines”. This provides interest in photographs. Here are some of my favorite I took.


Will you be my BLT?

It’s so sweet to see Ella start trying to write on her own.  Today she came up to me with a Valentine for me.  At first look, I thought she loved BLT sandwiches…

Ella’s Valentine for mommy

She told me it said, “You are my Valentine.” Oh, of course! U (you) R (are) M (my) BLT (“BaLenTine” as Ella would say in her little speech impediment.)
This girl loves to create these days. This morning our plans got canceled due to icy conditions, so she locked herself in her room and created this:

“It’s Banana Girl!” Ella told me proudly.

And on Monday, she was feeling like a fashion designer apparently because she created this on our kitchen counter:

She said these were “shirts with hearts on them” she designed and wanted to

tape them all up to the counter for Rilyn to pick one when she got home from school.

(These could be considered pretty provocative halter tops if you ask me!)  😉


austin’s second annual snow day!

Last February we had one, so it looks like this may become an annual tradition! 😉  Last year the snow fell during the day, and this time, it snowed while we all were asleep. The kids loved waking up to a winter wonderland outside! I estimate 2 inches maybe? Schools were closed today so it truly is a ‘snow day!’  Sadly, it is already melting outside from the sun, but Ella and Asher just can’t get enough of it. They are in the backyard right now savoring every last ‘flake’.

our car windshield
our street this morning
gotta make the snow angel in the driveway!

Asher with mommy’s gloves on
get ready to blow…
fun to throw
Asher gets in on the fun of throwing snow
The kids got these snow shoes for Christmas from Oma.
They make bigfoot prints
and Ella loved them!

a Valentine from Christ

Way back in college, I had (and still do have!) a best friend, Jen. She always was so encouraging, especially in the way she wrote notes to me. One of the things that I have kept (since 2001) is a Valentines Day card that she made for me “from Christ”. I just found it tonight and thought it was beautiful, and I should post it. When my girls get a little older, I will give them this Valentine from Christ each year to remind them how loved they are by Him!

Know that you are loved.
Know that I love you.
And before you formed inside the womb
Is when I said “I do.”

Your face is beauty to me,
Your voice a sweet melody to my ears.
You are my dove, my rose, my lily, my garden,
And shall stay my beauty beyond the years.

I love to hear you speak of me-
I love to hear you say my name.
It tells me you love me in return and you know this love
Is more than just a game.

I love it when you listen-
When you let me speak.
Don’t worry when you don’t know what to say,
I know exactly what you think.

There is nothing you must prove to me-
Nothing you should try and hide,
For I’ve seen your faults and weaknesses
And I choose to stay by your side.

I know it’s hard “without” me-
No arms can hold you like I can.
Please know I always think of you
And this time apart fits right into my plan.

I’ve never been one for long engagements-
That’s why I’ve made your days so few.
And I pray in these days apart, your heart,
Like mine, grows fonder, too.

So while we wait on perfect timing be patient
In my love-trust and abide.
So soon…Face to face…Beautiful…in GLORY…
I am coming soon, my pure and holy bride.

I love you.
Your Bridegroom,


she is definitely my daughter

I couldn’t of written it better myself. 😉

One of Rilyn’s daily writing assignments from last week.

In case you can’t read it very well, “If I was a bee, I would be a queen bee because I don’t have to do anything.”

Rilyn asked me yesterday when she would stop having homework. I felt really bad for her suddenly because the answer is bleak. She has a looooooong road ahead of her in that department! (Give me laundry and a full dishwasher to unload any day over an essay paper, I am so glad I don’t have “homework” anymore!) Rilyn has officially crossed that imaginary line in childhood where it gets harder-homework, peer pressure, chores, self esteem, etc. She already wants a spa day, and she isn’t even 7 yet! 😉

My photography business!

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