Will you be my BLT?

It’s so sweet to see Ella start trying to write on her own.  Today she came up to me with a Valentine for me.  At first look, I thought she loved BLT sandwiches…

Ella’s Valentine for mommy

She told me it said, “You are my Valentine.” Oh, of course! U (you) R (are) M (my) BLT (“BaLenTine” as Ella would say in her little speech impediment.)
This girl loves to create these days. This morning our plans got canceled due to icy conditions, so she locked herself in her room and created this:

“It’s Banana Girl!” Ella told me proudly.

And on Monday, she was feeling like a fashion designer apparently because she created this on our kitchen counter:

She said these were “shirts with hearts on them” she designed and wanted to

tape them all up to the counter for Rilyn to pick one when she got home from school.

(These could be considered pretty provocative halter tops if you ask me!)  😉


1 Response to “Will you be my BLT?”

  1. 1 halim
    February 11, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    looks like she’s born to learn biblical hebrew… no vowels…

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