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pictures from Fort Worth Christmas

James and me in downtown Fort Worth
Ella elf
Rilyn elf
Uncle Ben and Ella
Ella, Asher, and Rilyn

Asher man

Asher likes to introduce himself these days like this, “Hi!  It’s me!  Asher man!”  Adorable.

We celebrated Christmas with James’ family on Monday in Fort Worth and I got a lot of cute pictures of Asher.  He didn’t know what to do when it was time to open the presents.  He just stared at the gift when we put it in his lap.  It occurred to me that he didn’t remember last Christmas, (and the custom of opening gifts under the tree), but he does remember his Elmo birthday, so I started singing “Happy Birthday” to him and said, “Now open your presents!”  Then he smiled real big and got the hang of opening gifts real quick!  😉  I know I confused the kid, and when we are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Saturday and eating cake, he will probably think it is for him!

my favorite picture of him
He loved throwing the wrapping paper around!
watching daddy play Angry Birds on his phone
Papaw Bear throwing Asher around like a “sack of taters”
Big Father/Son moment:  first Nerf gun shot.

(This wasn’t even Asher’s present, this gun was a gift for

his 31 year old uncle!)

This picture above caused much distress. (It was a parked tractor on the side of the road.)  Not from Asher, he loved being in “the claw”, but Rilyn, who was on the side of the road crying because she thought we were all going to be arrested! “This is illegal!” she kept telling me! (Fyi, this was James’ idea.  I am a “rule follower” like Rilyn and I would never of put Asher in there, BUT I will snap a quick shot of him if someone else puts him in there!)  She literally had tears in the car on the way home from that night (we were looking at lights) because she thought the police would see our photo.  She kept telling me to delete it.  I finally compromised and told her I would show the photo to Uncle Eric (a police officer).  🙂


flashback friday-old school christmas pics

Here I am Christmas 1981.  The best thing about this picture is what my dad is wearing.  He did not want to leave the 70’s fashion behind! (I’m about the same age as Asher is in this picture.)

my mom is pregnant with Jeff in this pic

Here is James with his brother and sister, (James is holding Mandy.)  Christmas 1985


ella’s nativity

Don’t you love gifts made for you by your kids at school?  You never know what you are going to get!  This year Ella brought home this handmade nativity.  It’s sweet, in a “psychotic Mary and jagged tooth Joseph kinda way.”  It looks like her teacher saw her “beautiful parents” and decided to draw baby Jesus’ face before it turned into the Addams family.  But, I love it and I’ll look forward to putting it on display every Christmas (until Ella begs me not to put it up anymore!)

Ella’s Christmas gift to us

fort worth botanical gardens

We took a quick long, (quick as in 1 day, long as in loooong drive with a 2 year old) trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens today to take our family portraits with a photographer from Minnesota, (who is also a blogger with 20,000+ followers(!) and the link I gave you takes you to a sneak peek at one of the pictures from today), who was in town just to shoot portraits.  When I get those shots, I will definitely post, but for now, here are a couple pictures I snapped after our session was done.

lots of fall foliage!
my Ella
my Rilyn
James took this one obviously!
can you spot Ella?!?

drawers full of personality

Rilyn and Ella share a long desk.  One side of the desk is Rilyn’s drawers and the other side-Ella’s.  I wonder if you can guess which drawers are Rilyn’s and which are Ella’s.  😉 (Hint: the answer can be seen on one of the papers in the drawers.)


ice skating

Last night we had my church volunteer Christmas party. (I teach in Ella’s Sunday school class). We got to bring the girls ice skating and they had a blast! James and I had very tired arms afterward though, because we had to hold them up the whole time to keep them semi-balanced!
Here is an example:

Rilyn and James
Ella and James
Rilyn getting brave!
Ella, Julie, Rilyn
Ella getting brave as she skates to James.
We had so much fun!

Both girls have asked numerous times today when they can go back ice skating. Rilyn said she is a ‘pro’ now and Ella is very proud of herself because she skated 3 feet to James. 😉 Ella did tell me at the end that her feet were bleeding and when I took off her skates she had a nasty blister!