Christmas at grandma’s

Admittedly this is A LOT of presents…but it is for 12 people! (And I get stressed getting Christmas ready for my four at home…)

Rilyn and Ella in front of grandma’s tree
Ella’s favorite present!
Asher’s favorite present-a car table!
our traditional Christmas dinner picture!

This Christmas, I think my favorite thing to watch was Asher with his cousin, Caden (15 months apart). These two were hilarious together, making each other crack up every chance they got.

best buds
trying to escape

I love this picture of Asher and Caden below. Asher stealing his new toy away from Caden as Caden makes an attempt to grab it back. We are pretty sure Caden will be bigger than Asher one day, so Asher better watch out…

This is mine!

1 Response to “Christmas at grandma’s”

  1. 1 kristy
    January 2, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    What cool presents! I especially love Rilyn’s spinning art- we used to love those when you and I were kids! Also, did I tell you I have a “Ryland” in my class this year? (Same pronunc.) Crazy huh?!

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