more holiday happenings

Before we went to Fort Worth early this week, we stopped in Grand Prairie to visit my sister and spend some time with her while James went to the Dallas Cowboys game. My sister treated the girls to a beauty mask and make-up tips.  I was busy keeping Asher occupied when the girls came out of Jessica’s room saying, “use toner then moisturize!”  🙂

No, I did not ask permission from Jessica to post these pictures!

After their make-up session (gold eyeshadow to pop Ella’s blue eyes and Rilyn picked out glitter pink and blue eyeshadow!), we decorated a gingerbread house. I bought a pre-built one this year and that was the way to go! The girls made Jessica do the windows and the doors with frosting while they did the roof and all the candy decor. Our house wouldn’t win any award, but it was fun!

frosting the roof!
The windows had issues. 

(Can you see Rilyn’s glitter eye makeup?)

time to eat the roof!
Gingerbread house destroyed and eaten…5 seconds after they finished decorating it!

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