where’s the line to see Jesus?

I wish that sweet line in my post title was said by one of my children at the mall when seeing the line for Santa, but nope! I stole it from a somewhat cheesy song (but the message is good!).  I’ve explained before that we don’t celebrate Santa at our house.  I found a great blog post from Noel Piper, (John Piper’s wife) about why they don’t do Santa either, and she writes way better than me, so check it out!

Even though we don’t believe in Santa at our house, I don’t try to hide Santa from them!  After all, fairy tales are fun to read and imagine!  So, off we went to take our annual Santa picture.  My two girls were prepped NOT to say “You aren’t real” or anything of that nature around other kids in line.  When it was their turn to take a picture, they stood right next to Santa, said not a word, smiled and then they walked away.  The guy next in line asked me, “Don’t your kids want to tell Santa what they want for Christmas?”  I just smiled.  I guess my kids had better things to do then talk to some guy they don’t know about something he doesn’t care about!  (I didn’t say that of course!)

No crying this year!  But Asher looks a little confused… 
I think I like this guy!

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