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In case you’ve noticed, I’ve haven’t posted any online offer rewards in awhile (since June) and that’s because they are getting harder to do, (I blame the economy!)  I have been doing some though, and today I FINALLY got my $1000 check from one!  I started this offer in August and spent $115 to complete it!  So now I’m up to $5,000 in rewards/gift cards on my ‘other hobby!’  I wish I could go out and spend the money  on a new lens for my camera, but the smart thing to do is put it away for our 10th anniversary trip to Hawaii in June.  I have $500 coming in January from another online offer too!  🙂

My $1000 check all the way from Canada!

*If you have already done online offers and are looking for some more, this website puts up links of legit (because some can be scams!) offers every month.  Scroll to the end of the post to see the “Thanksgiving Link List.”

**If you just want more information on what exactly online offers are and how to get started, click here, and then go to the links list above.  (Or just call/e-mail me!)  🙂

And while I’m on the topic of free stuff, I will just throw out there again-Swagbucks.
Swagbucks is like Google, just search what you normally search, and earn ‘swag bucks’ sometimes. I have earned $80 of Amazon gift cards since March just by searching on the internet. I make Swagbucks my home page so I always remember to use it! So easy!
Search & Win

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