pinatas are scary sometimes

On Halloween night, one of our friends brought a pinata at our annual little get together to eat chili before we trick or treat, (one of these years it will be cold enough outside to enjoy eating it!)

Here is the neighborhood gang this year:

Asher loved the idea of a pinata, but he chose to only hit it once. It was so cute!

One hit, (it was more like a gentle tap), and I’m done!

Ella…well, she is afraid of pinatas. This stems back to her 2nd birthday party. She just doesn’t like the idea of whacking something.  The noise it makes as the bat hits the pinata, and then the surprise as it bursts open with flying candy.  And if the pinata is a character she cares about, (like Mickey Mouse), forget about it. She can not stand to see people hitting Mickey! Anyway, so here is Ella at the Halloween party during pinata time.

safe and sound behind glass doors

And here is where her fear started. 🙂

What is this thing?!?

She is crying from all the candy falling from her pinata which wasn’t even a hitting one, it was ‘pull the ribbon’!

aunt Jessica comforting her

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