Rainbow Rilyn

For Halloween this year, Rilyn wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake, but I could not find a costume in her size.  So, I tried to come up with an idea that I knew she would love-Rainbow Brite!  Now she didn’t even know who that was, but she did love the costume because it was full of rainbow colors!  And, to make it even more fun, my mom ordered the doll they make nowadays.  It’s not the old school one that I had, but it will do, and she was more than happy!  Unfortunately, Rilyn had strep throat, and had to sit Halloween out this year.  She did, however, get dressed up, (subconsciously because I think she knew how much mommy wanted pictures of her! I promise I did not tell her to get dressed up so I could take pictures!)

I forgot to post pics of Rilyn carving pumpkins!
She let daddy do all the scooping!
so pretty
poor baby, you can see she doesn’t feel great
Here is the Rainbow Brite doll nowadays 

What’s up with the yellow hair, right?

wishing to feel better!

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