flashback friday-boys in the ‘hood

Like a brother.
Bear each other’s burdens.
Ties that cannot be broken.

As many of you know, one of the main reasons we moved to Austin was to live in community with our friends whom we met in college.  Here we are 12ish years later, MANY kids later, and minutes away from each other.  What a blessing to raise our children together, and an added bonus was James, Halim, and Jeff all having little boys that are within 9 months apart.  We all visited each other in the hospital room the day they were born and have watched them grow into preschoolers now!  (In a couple of weeks they start!  Praise the Lord!)  😉  I can’t wait to watch their friendship grow as they become young men!  (Malachi still prefers to play with Ella over Asher!)  I had the three boys at my house yesterday and miraculously, (it helped that fruit snacks were involved!), I got a decent shot of them sitting together!

Caden Richardson, Malachi Suh, and Asher
Asher’s BIRTH day and 6 month old Malachi with proud daddies, James and Halim
newborn Caden, and 3 month old Asher
November 2008- Asher and unhappy Malachi
The three boys swinging this past spring

And you know how I love to show old-school pics!  Here is Jeff, our college friend Carson, (who was apparently very tired), James, and Halim on New Years morning 2001.

January 2001

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