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flashback Friday-back to school edition

Rilyn is headed back to school soon! She starts 1st grade and I’m very excited for her! She is admittedly nervous though, because I told her that she would be ‘graded’ now on her work. What’s the big deal, right? But to this little people pleaser, IT IS A HUGE DEAL! I was ‘grading’ one of her summer workbooks earlier this week and she FLIPPED OUT when I wrote ‘-2 ‘at the top of her paper and I X’d out two of the problems that were wrong. She was crying so hard because she didn’t get 100%. Yikes! James and I both had talks with her about how no one is perfect (except Jesus!) and even mommy and daddy got things wrong on their school work all the time, (James more than me!)  😉  Getting things wrong is how we learn and no one is expecting her to know everything! Now, James and I understand where Rilyn is coming from, because we both were very hard workers in school and strived to get A’s. It will be an interesting year to say the least for Miss Rilyn! Pray for us! 🙂
So, in true flashback Friday style, here is my first grade ‘first day of school’ picture!  (I had some fashion issues trying to get away with those white shoes over purple socks!  Yikes!)


And just for kicks, here is my second grade:

Getting some good use out of the

Snoopy lunch pail again!

And my fifth grade picture (complete with pink and purple socks scrunched, L.A. Gear shoes, a swatch watch, stone washed denim, and puffy painted shirt!!! Hello 1989!)