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my protege

Rilyn received a scrapbook for her birthday.  (Surprisingly, not by me!)  She recently became interested in filling it up with pictures.  I have a stack of old pictures from when I used to print them for James to have in his office (before we had our blog), and so I gave her a bunch of those and she started her first ever scrapbook!  I’m so proud!  🙂

She isn’t allowed to use mommy’s special paper and stickers yet (maybe when she is older and is really committed to this hobby), so she took it upon herself to design her own paper!  So cute!

We’ll call this page ‘Sister Love’.  I love how she made her own border!
This is my ‘sister love’ page way back when.
‘Big Sister Time’, she went with dots for this design!
my ‘Big Sister Time’ page
“Let’s go see the lake mommy and daddy”  (I love the trees!)
my family portrait page