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summer lovin’

We were able to hit a small water park yesterday and then my parent’s pool for some summer splashin’, jumpin’ and slidin’!

The lazy river was a hit!
can you see Ella behind the downpour?
Rilyn showing off her jumping skills
Rilyn sliding in my parent’s pool
swimming lessons has really given Ella confidence jumping in the ‘deep end’ now!
Ella sliding in!  (I love her shadow in the pool!)

“why do you hate God’s creation?”

I don’t know what is up with all the critters in our house as of late, but I’m getting sick of it!  (mouse in the kitchen in May(didn’t blog that), snake last week, and now…)  

So before I tell you what happened this morning, I have to tell you what happened last night. 

While I was cooking dinner on the stove, I turned on the overhead stove fan and I heard thumpity thump thump!  First thought was that the fan was broken.  Second thought was there was a dead mouse up there, and my third thought was a bird.  I had remembered hearing faint chirping noises in the vent last week.  

Now if you know me, you know I loathe birds. This happened to me a year and a half ago and I still get chills thinking about it.  So anyway, I tell James I think our fan is broken or there is an animal up there and so he turns it on and of course, it works fine. 

This morning James wants to make breakfast on the stove.  He turns the fan on and the thumpity thump thump happens and my first words were “I told you so!”  (I love saying that a little too much.)  He turns the fan off and on again and no noise.  “I’ll deal with it later” is James’ response.  Now I’m cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast and I see a bird’s head peeking at me from the vent!!!! (Bird must of used his beak to pry open the vent a little.)

bird’s eye and beak creepily looking at me in the upper left hand corner of vent

So of course I immediately scream bloody murder but James is outside and can’t hear me. But all the kids can and Asher and Ella immediately start crying. Rilyn comes running in the kitchen and I am yelling “There’s a bird in there! I hate birds!” and more screaming ensues from me. Rilyn looks at me and asks, “Why do you hate God’s creation?”
Ouch. That one hurt, but have no time to deal with my sinful state because THERE’S A BIRD IN MY HOUSE! (God understands me.)
So, I calm down enough to take a picture for the blog, (your welcome), and James comes in and I tell him he will get the bird NOW.
Here is James brainstorming.

“Maybe I can catch the bird in the bag?!?”

So James decides the bag probably won’t work and he goes into the garage to think of something else to do. Meanwhile, THE BIRD FLIES OUT OF THE VENT INTO MY LIVING ROOM!!! At this point I lose it and start screaming again (but still remain cool enough to take a picture-give me some credit!).

The bird perches on top of the middle curtain rod. 

James comes running in from the garage to find this:

ella (with some MAJOR bed head)

So you can safely say that I’ve managed to make sure that all three of my kids will be scared to death of birds for the rest of their life. At least they can look back on this blog and find the exact incident where mommy screwed them up and not have to go to a psychiatrist for it.
So James gets a broom and after about 5 minutes gets the bird to fly out of our house via the back door. I grabbed the kids and put them in their room like it was a scene from the Panic Room. 

James now has a new honey-do list and you can bet the first item is “go into attic and do what needs to be done.”


flashback friday-cow appreciation day

I walk into Chick-fil-A today and I am bombarded with cows!  What the heck?  Apparently it is Cow Appreciation Day and if you dress like a cow you get a free meal!  I saw little boys with udders on-(eww).  I saw moms who drew black spots all over their babies.  Grown men with horns and moms with tails.  Entire daycares came dressed as cows.  There were cow balloons, cow bells, their cow mascot taking pictures…  It was a zoo farm!  (I was a little peeved at the people I saw that walked in with a white t-shirt and black sharpie spots they just drew in the car.  They should only get a free drink.)
But that is why everyone loves Chick-fil-A.  They are so kind and always tell me “it’s my pleasure” when serving me with a smile.  They take my meal to my table and refill my diet coke.  They have a playground!  They close on Sundays so their employees can go to church.  Their fries feel healthier to me than McDonalds, (please don’t tell me if they are or aren’t, I don’t care, I just said “feel healthier”.)  So I will always sing Chick-fil-A’s praises!

Umm, do you think I could of got a free meal today if I pulled out my 1980’s cow shirt?  😉

What?!? You don’t think I could get away with wearing biker shorts and purple socks with black shoes?!?
(As you can tell, I don’t mind humiliating myself on the internet. Laughter is the best medicine!)


A bonding moment

Last Friday night James and 3 of his friends walked over to our house from our neighbor’s house to get Rock Band for the Wii.  Me and the kids were at my neighbor’s house hanging out.  They were gone a long time. 

Too long.

When they finally came back to the house you could tell they had a bonding moment.  A GUY bonding moment, (not a coffee house, long talk with tears kind of bonding moment that girls like to have.)  This was an adrenaline pumping, BB gun shooting, slicing open a snake kind of bonding moment AT MY HOUSE!

So as the story goes, they were walking up to my house and one of James’ friends saw a coiled snake in our vent above our garage.

vent above our garage

They immediately get their weapons of choice (a stick, a BB gun, a shovel, a rake…) and go after the snake.


They get it down and discover it is a texas rat snake 2 feet long.  So they shoot it about 4 times with a BB gun.

You can see some of the bb’s bulging out of the snakes neck in this pic

After it is dead they notice a bulging in the snake’s belly.

the bulge

Being guys, they slice open the body to discover that he had recently eaten one of our resident birds that nest in the vent. (If you want to see the picture click here.) Then they proceed to chop it’s head off and put it in an old gatorade bottle so James can show off their conquest to me (like I want to see!) Gross!
I am just glad that the snake was discovered by them and not me! Apparently the snake had to have had slithered up our garage doors to get it’s tasty bird treat. It gives me chills just thinking about it!!!  Ewwww!

*And I must give props to James for taking pictures.  I’m not necessarily excited to see these type of pictures BUT at least he is learning to have the foresight to get the camera when something important is happening!   That’s my guy!


tutu cute!

My friend, Jen, wanted to get some cool photos of the girls in their dance recital costumes in downtown Austin.  Her idea is to use some shots for her Dancelife website.  (Enroll now for the fall!)   There was a professional photographer there, but I was still allowed to bring my own camera to shoot!  I had so much fun!  The photo shoot lasted 3 hours and it was hot, but the results were worth it, don’t you think?  So cute!

downtown skyline
bffs-ella and anna
ella waiting for ice cream at Amy’s
Rilyn didn’t know I was taking pictures here
This is what Ella and Anna’s tights looked like when we were done shooting-dirty!
tutu cute!


We had a great July 4th weekend celebrating at my parent’s new (tree)house in College Station on their 14 acres.  This house is 10 feet off the ground on stilts!  (I will post pics another day.)  The kids had their first experience with sparklers and Rilyn even lit fireworks(with daddy supervising)!  Asher was freaked out and Ella didn’t like the noise.  Rilyn proved to be the family pyro along with James!

Ella’s first sparkler
Had to include this picture since it looks like Rilyn is lighting James bottom!
Asher getting some sparkler action
watching our own private fireworks show!
love Rilyn’s face in this one
Asher and Ella losing it with Grandma and Rilyn showing her pyro spirit
James living out his boyhood!  He could of played all night with the fireworks.
Rilyn getting brave and lighting the ‘big’ fireworks!
trying to write letters
showing off
we watched George Bush library firework show afterwards
Too loud for Ella!
Here is our attempt at a ‘cute’ family shot.  You can see Asher doesn’t want to be

tickled!  Oh well, we tried! 

screaming “Happy July 4th!”

flashback friday-july 4th edition

Rilyn’s first July 4th-1 month old
July 4th Outfit #6 (she had plenty of red, white

and blue that year!)  She spit up frequently so it was a good thing!

this girl was always in holiday style thanks to grandma!
Rilyn’s second July 4th with Cole and Jeff and daddy.  2005
Ella’s first July 4th- 2006
Rilyn July 2006

sweet dreaming

The kids were very loved on while we were gone!  When we got home,(at 11 p.m. but once again we were supposed to be home at 8:30), on Monday night from California, this is what we saw at my sister’s house.

sweet sister love

Then on the drive home on Tuesday afternoon, Asher fell asleep with his beloved cars. (We always put a big plate on his lap so he can drive his cars around on road trips.)

dreaming of cars I’m sure

My photography business!

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