pine cove day 6

Friday was our last full day of camp.  We took it easy because well, we were tired!  James and the girls played frisbee golf during free time.

frisbee golf
interesting form Ella…  😉

That evening, Wild Kids (Rilyn’s program), had a “Character Quality” ceremony. Her counselor, “Half Asleep” presented her with her certificate.

Half Asleep reading it to Rilyn

It read: “Rilyn is a good listener and is thoughtful of others. She is insightful, making it easy for her to understand those around her. She is generous of her possessions and time.”
That night we prayed with “Spirit Fingers” and thanked her for such a wonderful week with us!

Ella, Spirit Fingers, and Rilyn

We thank God for blessing us with the chance to attend Pine Cove family camp last week!

mommy and her girls

1 Response to “pine cove day 6”

  1. July 29, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Looks like a great week, such sweet family time.

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