pine cove day 4

Wednesday morning started out with a 7 a.m. trail ride.  (We had a counselor come to our cabin and take our girls to breakfast for us!)

James and I in the stable

After the trail ride, we had a southern breakfast at a little cabin overlooking the lake. So yummy and relaxing!


In the afternoon, during free time, the Richardsons and our family took the kids tubing!

Love this picture of Rilyn and Cole!
Go Rilyn!

Ella was very nervous about tubing. Once again, we took her fear to the Lord and asked Him for courage!

Ella scared before her turn
Ella going very slow!
looks like she had fun!

After tubing we headed to the pool so Rilyn could go on the Blob. Unfortunately she landed wrong and slid off quickly and was too scared to try again.

Rilyn jumping off the board to the blob

That night was the talent show! James and Rilyn did the Father/Daughter dance to Jai Ho with Dave and Anna Barrett that they did in their dance recital in May.

Rilyn almost hit her head on the beam above.  The                                              

whole audience gasped, but James had no clue how                                            

 close she came!                                           

They got a standing ovation and if there was a prize for first place, I’m confident they deserved it!


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