pine cove day 3

On Tuesday, Rilyn got to shoot BB guns during her Wild Kids program!

wow, the counselor looks pretty intense here!

During free time, our family headed to the zipline! Both Rilyn and Ella were pretty scared (you start ziplining at about 3 stories high!) What is neat is that at Pine Cove all the counselors pray with you and your kids before every ‘event’. So when Rilyn was up there with James about to zip down, one of the counselors prayed with her for courage.

Rilyn with James on the zipline next to her in the back

Ella’s turn was next and I went with her. She acted so scared before she went up and I honestly thought she wouldn’t go through with it, but as soon as she climbed the stairs up there she never said a word and just went into ‘game time’ mode! She was so brave! We learned a lot this week about trusting God when you are fearful!

I am ziplining first in the yellow shirt.  Ella is next to me.
so ella screamed a little!  too cute!

At night, the kids went to their programs and the adults got to have a romantic picnic dinner and then a sunset cruise on the lake. Well, our boat never started and so we technically had a ‘sunset boat park’ 😉 It was still fun because we were with all our friends who came to Pine Cove with us (sans the Barretts).
Warning: kissing picture!

me and James

The Pine Cove photographer took this picture of our ‘cruise’. 😉

can you spot me?  I’m fiddling with my camera of course!
from L to R:  Shawnda and Jason Kovacs, Jen and Jeff Richardson, Kevin and

Leslie Peck, James and me, Olivia and Todd Engstrom…oh and our boat captain

“Rando” trying to dodge our picture!

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