Ella models the cheapest way to get a face lift.

Rilyn is starting to bring home all her ‘special’ kindergarten work from throughout the year. Today she brought home an alphabet journal from the fall. This was her “M” page.

“M” is for “Man”. Good job Rilyn. But when James and I saw this picture, we were trying really hard not to laugh. Apparently this is a soldier man with a shield, a gun and ummm, although it looks like he might be ‘well-endowed’, Rilyn informed us very seriously “that is his sword holder that is on his back and you can see the bottom part of it between his legs.” Right. 😉
The kids went swimming this afternoon and had some fun squirting each other. Poor Asher, one day he will get revenge. I have no doubt!

Getting squirted by my sister and wearing a sillyfloatation device?!?  Mom!  Come on!
Ella enjoyed this squirting action!

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