flashback friday-date party style

There is a reason I chose ‘date parties’ as my theme which I will get to in a second.  Here are a couple date parties from college where James and I had to dress up.  Seriously, I have tons of pictures from formals and date parties in college!  James was in BYX (Brothers Under Christ) and I was in ASC (Aggie Sisters for Christ) at A&M so that generated a lot of silly themed date parties!

ASC Shindig-May 1998
BYX ‘Blue Collar Bash’-  James was wearing hisold Golden Corral uniform! Check out his earring!!  🙂   March 1998

Now this next date party picture is significant. This was the BYX E.R. date party in April of 1999 and it was my ‘brilliant’ idea to dress as a very pregnant wife about to give birth. Cute idea, right? Well, James broke up with me about 2 weeks later for 7 months. Now, this date party costume definitely was not to blame, but I couldn’t help but think how stupid I was after the fact! You can almost see the look of fear in James eyes in this picture! Like, “What the heck? Julie looking pregnant is freaking me out!!!!” 🙂 Anyway, another reason this picture is significant is the guy in the picture with us, Noel Johnson. He is one of our best friends from college. He is going to be on a Travel Channel reality show tomorrow night called America’s Worst Driver. So fun! (9 p.m. central time)  We are very excited to watch him and we hope you will watch too!

BYX E.R. date party-April 1999 My handmade shirt says “Somethings Cookin’ 

In The Oven”James’ shirt that I made says “Proud Papa to Be”

And just for kicks, here is another picture of Noel with Carson and James.  Yes,

James is my HUSBAND in this picture and I let him bleach his hair AGAIN!

He obviously still had another year of college left!!  July 2001

1 Response to “flashback friday-date party style”

  1. 1 Kristy
    May 2, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    I love your flashback Friday idea! It is inspiring me to do something similar next year with my students on Fridays where they can learn about something from the past (like a “this day in history thing” but with something cool:) Thanks for the idea!

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