foiled again!

So today, I just knew I would get my Easter bunny pictures.  I went to Lakeline mall, which there is no question that this mall is thriving, and a bunny would be there.  I also had all three kids with me, which was an added bonus!  Color coordinating clothes-check!  All set!  Well, when we got there I saw the line and I knew there was no way Asher was waiting in that!  Foiled again!  Grrr…

Oh well, my kids will just have to do with this for now!  (Truth be told, my kids could care less about the bunny, they know he isn’t real and I just like doing it for scrapbooking purposes.)  😉

check out that line!
we went in for a closer look!

*And I’m so glad I did not wait in that line! I was talking to a woman in the elevator who waited an hour and a half and said they ran out of photo paper when they got to her kids and then they had the nerve to tell her she couldn’t even take a picture with her cell phone! She had to just let her kids sit on the bunny’s lap and leave!

**Hey, I still have one more day to get a picture with the Easter bunny, so don’t count me out yet!

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