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flashback Friday- 1998

On this day in history, James was traveling down to Temple from Fort Worth to visit me during spring break during our freshmen year of college at Texas A&M where we went together, (by the way, Go Aggie basketball! Beat Kansas tonight!).  We started dating March 1, 1998 and you know ‘young love’-a week apart was just too much to handle!  😉  So, here is one of our first pictures together.  James and I sitting in my backyard, admiring his bouffant curly locks of hair.  I look back at this picture and think, “did I even recognize that this was to be the father of my 3 children?!?”  Crazy!!!!  Back then, he wore a cross necklace, an earring, and he signed all his e-mails to me “Love, the Kid, James”  (some nickname he had in soccer in high school he told me!?!)  What a stud! 😉


what about Asher man?

I realized Asher has been neglected a little in my posts lately so here is what he’s up to!
He doesn’t know it yet, but he will grow to love soccer because of all the games he is about to go to! 🙂

playing with Grandpa Erickson on the sidelines of Rilyn’s game
Oma chasing him around the soccer fields!
And apparently he is into kissing his cousin.  This picture will come in handy one

day.  I have a feeling!  (Sorry James, I can’t not post this picture-it’s too funny!)


the first soccer game!

Awww….doesn’t she look cute?  All dressed up, with her daddy’s soccer number when he was in school, and ready for her first soccer game!

Well, we thought, from this smiling pose, that we were going to have a great game! She was excited to wear all her ‘gear’ and I, (being a good soccer mom), even made her a matching hair band from my leftover scrapbooking ribbon! Our luck though, soon changed as we were driving to the game and I realized I was NOT a good soccer mom because I had forgot all the camping chairs, jackets, and our video camera! Then we started the game and this happened.

walking off the field

Rilyn got so overwhelmed by the intensity of the whole game experience, she just lost it. Kids running at her, parents yelling/cheering, a ball flying around…it was just too much for this sensitive spirit. So she sat out on the sidelines and tried to collect herself. Believe me, it was not easy. We had to do deep breathing exercises. Really Rilyn?!?

daddy trying to encourage Rilyn
a team time-out with Rilyn still not so sure of this whole soccer thing

If you know James and I, you know compassion is not our strong suit and so we really didn’t get why she was so freaked out. After some serious encouragement from all of her adoring fans, (papaw, oma, aunt Mandy, Allen, grandpa, grandma, uncle Jeff, aunt Becca, cousin Caden, Ella, Asher, and of course mommy and daddy!!) she toughened up and got back in the game.

Evidence #1 of why Rilyn felt scared.  If I saw this dude

coming at me like this I would be scared too!

Evidence #2 of why Rilyn got scared.  It’s called being aggressive honey.

She did cheer up finally and I got some great shots of her having fun!

She is so excited to kick the ball in!  Thanks uncle Jeff for bringing your video camera!
Rilyn’s tongue out-the Paquette trait that means “I’m focused”

And what really cheered her up? She ‘technically’ scored the team’s last goal! I say ‘technically’ because she kicked it and then the opposing team accidentally helped it in their goal! 🙂 Nevertheless, she was excited, and I got this picture from it.



I wanted to share our family night this week because I really loved it.  We love Family Time and used their lesson that I got e-mailed to me this month.

Here is the link to this family night.

Jeremiah 2:22 Although you wash yourself with soda and use an abundance of

soap, the stain of your guilt is still before me,” declares the Sovereign Lord.


Daddy drew the ‘stains’ on the shirt.  Rilyn tried to use a wipe to remove hers.

How is this verse similar to my trying to wash the stain out of my shirt?

I cannot get rid of the stain by my own efforts. I made the stain


 It’s the same with sin. When we sin—doing something God tells

us not to do—we have a stain on our life. We are no longer pure and

holy. And, by our own efforts, we cannot become pure and holy again.

This is the shirt after we washed it in the washing machine. The stains still won’t come out!

Hebrews 1:3 After {Jesus} had provided purification for sins,

he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

Only Jesus can take away our sins.

How does Jesus take away our sin?  Through His dying on the cross. When we believe in Jesus and do what He says, He cleanses us from sin. He makes us pure and holy.

The scissors represent Jesus who takes away the stain of sin that we could not wash away by ourselves.

I John 1:7 And the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

The only way to remove the stains is to cut them out.

 The holes that remain represents the consequences of sin.

Jesus takes away the sin yet we will still need to deal with the

consequences of our bad choices.


The stains are removed, but there is still a consequence-there are now holes in the shirt.  (Ella is smiling because she just finished a blue lollipop!  And, no, James did NOT do a good job with the placement of these stains!  Sorry for the inappropriate cut-outs!)


ella’s turn!

Ella had her first soccer practice!  Her still unnamed team has four boys and two girls!  Luckily, her one girl teammate is her best friend, Anna Richardson.  Ella’s first game isn’t until March 20th so she has lots of time to practice.  She told me before practice that she was going to win and beat Anna.  She obviously has yet to understand ‘team sports’!

teammates and best friends
the girls running with their coach

My photography business!

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