changing seasons

As the weather starts to change around Austin, life in the Paquette household will be changing too. (That sentence sounds way more serious than what this post is actually about!) For almost 6 years, we’ve had a crib in our house. I remember the day we bought it like it was yesterday, full of excitement and new parent nerves!  And now tomorrow, we will take it apart and move on to the next season of our life. It provided warmth, comfort, and safety for my three babies and I’m honestly sad to see it come down. (Now there are certainly some things about raising babies that I will NOT be sad to see go-I will throw a party when my last diaper is bought and I don’t have to carry around a diaper bag anymore!) Please humor me as I take a trip down memory lane with our beloved crib. But rest assured, our crib will ‘live’ with us still…we thankfully bought a convertible crib so it will be ‘reused’ as a full size big boy bed for our ‘baby’.

Rilyn’s nursery looked exactly like this but with the “Rilyn” over the crib.  🙂
From February 2005
newborn Ella
sisters playing in the crib before Asher was born
last night in his crib

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