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celebrating love

Our Valentine’s Day was full of love, pink heart cupcakes, presents, and of course, cute clothes!

Grandma’s house on Valentines Day=

Grandma’s house on Christmas

marshmellow pop!
Rilyn gets a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book!
Rilyn can hardly contain herself…AND a Strawberry

Shortcake movie!!!!

More on the pink cupcakes later…


Happy Valentines Day!


sweetheart dance

Rilyn attended her school’s Sweetheart Dance last night and I was the official dance photographer! It was fun to see her ‘in her element’ with all of her friends and dancing/eating/giggling the night away! Daddy was her date and they had a great time!  Of course, I couldn’t let her leave my ‘photo booth’ without a picture of her with her best guy buds-Levi and Cole!  Hmmm…which one will be her prom date one day?!? 😉



Recently Asher has been using inflexion when trying to get meaning across to us.  His newest ‘phrase’ is “Here you go!”  But….it sounds a bit different.  Check it out!


why I love Valentines Day

Because I find papers like this on Rilyn’s art desk while straightening up:

(I also find it very sweet because Rilyn never told me she was making this Valentine for Ella.)

It says:  Dear Sister, I love you and you are my Valentine.Hugs and Kisses

From Rilyn

To Sister

(I love the little heart in the middle of their heads connecting them!)

I pray that these two girls would grow to be best friends! Oh what joy it is to raise two girls close in age!

Rilyn not sure at first about this ‘new sister’ thing!
April 2007
From June 2007

100th day

Today was the 100th day of kindergarten for Rilyn. For those of you who don’t know, no I don’t count the days meticulously. This is an actual common ‘holiday’ that schools celebrate. Rilyn brought home “My 100th day of school book” and in it she had to answer various questions.
“I would spend $100 on a unicorn,” she wrote.  Cute.

And: In 100 years, this is what I will look like:

It’s gray hair and glasses when Rilyn turns 105 years old!!

**And for those of you who are wondering, “How is public school going?” my answer is, every day is a test of our faith.  “Do I trust God today?” I ask myself as we pray over her each morning.  (We go through the book of Proverbs and if it’s the 8th of February we pick a proverb in the eighth chapter to read over her.  It’s a book about wisdom so pretty much every verse is relevant for her days!)  Most days are easy.  Some days I don’t like what I hear when Rilyn tells me she’s in the “hot girls club” at recess. (No, she doesn’t understand what that means and I tried to come up with better ‘girls club’ names with her!)   Some days are scary-Rilyn had a boy in her class bring an utility knife last week. Today another boy brought real handcuffs to her classroom!  At this age, they don’t have any ill intentions, but what if they did?

Tests of faith to do what God is calling our family to do. Raise Rilyn at Manor Elementary for such a time as this. Right now we feel very sure that she will be going to first grade at Manor Elementary. I love her teacher and her class. I’m in there each week and they know me and I know them. I love it.

To close out this post, I want to share an e-mail that my good friend, Angela Suh, wrote to me just before school started this year. Such an encouragement, thanks friend.  I read it often.
“I was reading in 1 Chronicles 11 today about David’s Mighty Men. I was noticing that the things that the distinguished the mightiest of the mighty men were that they went into battles with insurmountable odds and they were willing to fight, even though they were often alone and everyone else had abandoned the cause. I just started thinking about sending the kids to Manor public schools. These schools appear to me to be places of insurmountable odds: low test scores, poverty, gangs, low graduation rates, low college-bound numbers. I mean really insurmountable odds. But, as I was reading this today I was so encouraged that the Lord does mighty mighty things through those whom He puts in places where the odds are stacked against them and they are outnumbered. He often uses circumstances such as these to make His name great and to create people that are mighty in faith.”



a night at ‘the ball’

Tonight was my first sweetheart dance with Ella, (at Lifetime Fitness with Jeff and Anna Richardson), and for some reason, (which was quite puzzling), I felt like I was back in sixth grade going to my first school dance. “Why am I so anxious?” I kept asking myself. I have nothing to prove, it’s just another dance and it’s not like I have to impress anyone. And yet as we danced the night away I found myself wanting to prove myself as the knight in shining armor that Ella deserves. One of the silly games she wanted to play was for me to go off to the side by myself and pretend to be this prince who, as she walked by, was awestruck with her beauty and wanted to sweep her off her feet and dance.

It was during our slow dance to Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” that I realized two things:

(1) This is one of the cheesiest songs ever written (side note: Julie’s dad’s version is my favorite at our wedding), 🙂 and
(2) My anxiety building up to the dance was simply a reflection of the truth that I am not always going to be her prince charming, that some day she is going to be awestruck by some dude from who knows where and this is a very anxious thought…

So my hope and prayers are for her heart and eyes to be protected and guided by Christ’s love through my love for her….

James, Ella, Anna, and Jeff
daddy’s girl

prayer wear

Tonight we had family night and talked about prayer. The girls have been learning about prayer in our kid’s program at church and we wanted to keep teaching the lessons at home. When it comes time to pray before bedtime with the girls, I find it hard to think of everything that we should pray for. I came up with an idea that I thought the girls would love to make to enhance their prayer life. We talked about 1 Thes. 5:16 “Pray continually.” We told them they could pray for things at any time-during the day, in school, while eating, in the bath, etc.
So we made prayer bracelets tonight with people’s names or things that they wanted to pray for.  My hope is that each night the girls will pick out a prayer bracelet from their prayer bucket and then we will pray for that. Then the next day, they get to wear the bracelet all day. I hope that other kids will ask them about their bracelets and they will tell them. I hope that whenever they look down at their bracelet that day they pray right there, right then.

making bracelets with pipe cleaners and letter beads
The first prayer bracelet Ella wanted to make was her own “Ella”!
Rilyn loves her aunt Mandy!
prayer bucket

Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.”


It’s a party in the USA!

Here in the Paquette household, we like to put the ipod on real loud and dance.  Tonight, while dinner was cooking and we were waiting for James to come home, Rilyn busted out some dance moves I didn’t know she had!  I wanted to laugh so bad, but I knew that Rilyn was totally ‘into’ the music and ‘feeling her groove.’

So enjoy some Miley and Rilyn!


happy february!

Rilyn-8 months old
Ella-one month old

*No I did not make Asher endure this picture!

My photography business!

February 2010