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What I love about this stage of ‘toddlerhood’ is how they learn new phrases/words everyday!  Asher’s “here you go” was so last week.  This week?  Well this week, we’ve been ‘blessed’ with another new phrase from our dear son.  Now to be fair, he loves this song about a “wiggly, jiggly, giggly worm” from Staci Gray, (who incidentally will be at his birthday party in April!)  You will hear the song at the beginning of the video and in the song, there are parts where kids yell, “Eew!”  He L.O.V.E.S this song!  So pair that with him just being a boy, and you get this:

And if you noticed, there is no telling when he will shout out, “Eew poo-poo!” He will say it when he is getting his diaper changed and he will say it when Rilyn comes home from school off the bus! 😉