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tea party and tongues

On Valentines Day, we had a Valentine tea party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house complete with pink heart cupcakes and red punch ‘tea’. James said he felt like ‘he was turning into a girl’ by attending this pink and red heart filled event. He sure loves his girls!!

tea time!
Apparently, Ella needs to work on her table etiquette.  Chewing with her food

half out of her mouth is not very lady like!  (Showing how different these sisters are,

Rilyn is next to her ‘dabbing’ her mouth with her napkin that was on her lap!)

Asher was napping during the tea party and so he got his Valentine cupcake treat when he woke up. I think he liked it!

mmmmm…what’s this?!?
Just need to get this frosting on top of my lip…
oh and some on the bottom…
can’t forget the frosting on the side!