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a night at ‘the ball’

Tonight was my first sweetheart dance with Ella, (at Lifetime Fitness with Jeff and Anna Richardson), and for some reason, (which was quite puzzling), I felt like I was back in sixth grade going to my first school dance. “Why am I so anxious?” I kept asking myself. I have nothing to prove, it’s just another dance and it’s not like I have to impress anyone. And yet as we danced the night away I found myself wanting to prove myself as the knight in shining armor that Ella deserves. One of the silly games she wanted to play was for me to go off to the side by myself and pretend to be this prince who, as she walked by, was awestruck with her beauty and wanted to sweep her off her feet and dance.

It was during our slow dance to Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” that I realized two things:

(1) This is one of the cheesiest songs ever written (side note: Julie’s dad’s version is my favorite at our wedding), 🙂 and
(2) My anxiety building up to the dance was simply a reflection of the truth that I am not always going to be her prince charming, that some day she is going to be awestruck by some dude from who knows where and this is a very anxious thought…

So my hope and prayers are for her heart and eyes to be protected and guided by Christ’s love through my love for her….

James, Ella, Anna, and Jeff
daddy’s girl