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this is for the little girls like keydy

As I am writing this, I am flooded with facebook statuses, e-mails, and blog posts of how to help Haiti.  My friend, JoAnna’s blog post particularly touched me (and Money Saving Mom) and this post is because of what I read.
For Christmas, we give three gifts to each of our children. One want, one need, and one gift for spiritual growth. This year the spiritual growth gift to our girls was sponsoring a little girl their age, named Keydy, from the Dominican Republic. We watched a DVD about where she lives and they understand she needs our prayers and financial support. Rilyn has already written to her and eagerly awaits a letter back in return!
Today, after reading JoAnna’s post, I took my girls aside and talked for the first time about the earthquake in Haiti. (I grew up in southern California and as a girl I experienced first hand major earthquakes and the fear that sets in as the ground shakes.)  I told my daughters how scared the kids are in Haiti and how they need our help.  How Haiti is very close to where Keydy lives and I showed them pictures of children who were hurt, stuck in rubble, and their crushed homes.  Then I told them about Cayden and Deacon, their friends from their Sunday school classes.  And their mom, Jamie, my friend from church.  Their adopted son, Amos, is still there and he needs our prayers and support.  The Iveys were featured on our local news and CNN today, and their story is touching.

So, today, I was challenged to give to Haiti in a real way that our girls understand.  Especially in this material country we live in where everything they could ever want is at their fingertips.  For Valentines Day for the past 2 years, we have given the girls tickets to the Sesame Street Live show.  Today, I talked with the girls about giving the money for our family’s tickets instead to Compassion, the organization we use to sponsor Keydy.  I’m not going to lie and say this was easy for Rilyn.  The first thing she asked was, (with tears in her eyes), “Are we going to be able to buy anything else again ever?”  We talked about shining the light of Jesus to our school, city, state, and world.  I told them that Jesus sometimes asks us to do hard things.  So, today, from our family, we donate $65 (the cost of all 5 tickets to SSL) to Compassion and ask that you would think creatively of something you can forego and donate to the children that so desparately need our prayers and support.


it’s in the blood

Today, I signed up both my girls for soccer for the first time!  This is very cool for James and I because we both grew up playing the sport and we both played varsity soccer in high school.  Will the Paquette girls be as successful as their daddy?  (I was ‘all district honorable mention’ for defense but James- he was a total soccer stud in school!)  Only time will tell-March 6th is their first game!  Check out our old soccer pictures!

little James
I think I was 12 here
high school club team
James high school club team
James playing in high school
Check out who is the #1 goal scorer in DFW!

snow white

Ella’s birthday party was this weekend and she had a special guest attend-Snow White!  There was a lot of princess fun-body glitter, face painting, pinata, parachute games, balloon animals, dancing, bubbles, story time, cake and ice cream, and a magic show!

I made this cake!  And yes, it was difficult.
Snow White teaching Ella and Gracie how to pose like a princess.
All 15 princesses with Snow White!
Snow White gave her a red hair band like hers!
Time for cake!
Thanks for coming Snow White!


We took Ella’s four year portraits today at Picture People.  Ella gets almost excited about portrait day as I do!  🙂  She is always asking me to take her picture and then wants to see it on the camera.  She had fun posing today and Asher had fun running out of the studio a couple of times and trying to get into her shots!


when it’s too cold to play outside

I give up. I’ll do the extra dishwasher load for 30 minutes of independent play time.  Go ahead and put your mouth on every cup and lick every bowl.

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ella’s day

It is our family’s tradition on our kid’s birthday that we storm into their room and wake them up singing ‘happy birthday’ while holding a donut with candles for them to blow out all while videotaping!  I know it will be so much fun looking back at all their birthday mornings one day!


Ella went to preschool on her birthday and the highlight was getting to serve birthday cookies to her classmates.  She also came home with a birthday certificate that she was pretty proud of!

When she got home she got to open up her present from Asher and then we headed to Gattiland for dinner!

Barbie mermaids for the bath!
Anna and Ella
Anna, Ella, and Rilyn making music together
air hockey
horse races with Jakers, Ella, Rilyn, Anna, and Levi!

We saved the big present (from mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa) for last! When we got home, the big reveal was… a Barbie House!

Rilyn was SUPER excited when she saw this!

What fun being sisters-they share all the toys!

Next up? Ella’s princess birthday party on Saturday where I hear Snow White has been invited!


four years ago today

Our dear second daughter was born in Katy, Texas at 3:31 p.m.  She was our ‘hefty’ girl at 7 lbs. 15 oz.  She looked just like Rilyn (or so we thought!), but was a lot calmer than her older sister, (or maybe we were a lot calmer since we just had done this 19 months before…we were even in the same exact hospital room where Rilyn was born!)  Four years ago, the night before we were induced, we watched on the hospital room TV t.u. win the national championship and I’m afraid, this week, they might do it again!  Four years ago today, our lives were forever enriched by a silly, fun-loving, squirmy, emotional, loving, sharing, cuddly girl who brings us so much JOY every day!

Happy 4th Birthday dear Ella!

Ella showing off her sassy new hair cut and putting up four fingers!

We love you!!!

just born
our 1 year old darling
happy 2nd!
our 3 year old wearing most of her presents

My photography business!

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