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ella’s day

It is our family’s tradition on our kid’s birthday that we storm into their room and wake them up singing ‘happy birthday’ while holding a donut with candles for them to blow out all while videotaping!  I know it will be so much fun looking back at all their birthday mornings one day!


Ella went to preschool on her birthday and the highlight was getting to serve birthday cookies to her classmates.  She also came home with a birthday certificate that she was pretty proud of!

When she got home she got to open up her present from Asher and then we headed to Gattiland for dinner!

Barbie mermaids for the bath!
Anna and Ella
Anna, Ella, and Rilyn making music together
air hockey
horse races with Jakers, Ella, Rilyn, Anna, and Levi!

We saved the big present (from mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa) for last! When we got home, the big reveal was… a Barbie House!

Rilyn was SUPER excited when she saw this!

What fun being sisters-they share all the toys!

Next up? Ella’s princess birthday party on Saturday where I hear Snow White has been invited!