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Top Ten in the last ten

Got engaged-2000

James’ mom was hiding behind a tree taking this shot!

Graduated from Texas A&M-2001/2002

Both class of 2001-James just double majored so he graduated a year later

Got married!  2001

May 26th

Started our first ‘real’ jobs-2001/2002

James an accountant at HalliburtonI was a kindergarten teacher

Bought our first home and moved to Houston-2002

Look at all our mismatched furniture from our college days!And yes, there was a play gym left in our backyard by the previous owners!

Had first child-2004

Rilyn-June 3rd

Had second child-2006

Ella-January 5th

Moved to Manor to live in community with friends-2007

our home

Had third child-2008

Asher-April 24th

Rilyn started kindergarten-2009

August 2009

Wow!  I think it is safe to say that we had a busy decade!  As we look into the next decade wondering what God has in store, we pray that it is a little less ‘eventful!’  😉  Happy 2010!!