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a bug, bubbles, and bears


Asher got dressed up as a lady man bug by his aunt.

notice the high heels in the background, this boy is

surrounded by girlyness!!!

We’ve been playing with bubbles!

one of the gorgeous weather days this month
bubbles and dancing with the family!

And this morning, I started decorating for Valentines Day with bears! (I do know that these bears are hideously ugly and cheesy, but I get them out every year, because these bears were all given to me by my students on V-day during my 3 years of teaching. They remind me of the sweet moments of teaching and how teacher gifts can be so bad.  So please moms, give your kid’s teachers something they will really love-gift cards!)

Bonus:  The bear and roses on the ‘platform’ lights up and plays music!

super slide Saturday

We decided to celebrate daddy’s homecoming from Brazil and Rilyn’s great report card with a trip to Jungle Java! This place was super fun, especially the slides!

These slides said, “Ages 4 and up” so naturally we sent Asher down them by himself!

When does 5500 = 4?

When it takes 5500 miles to get to a place that you can walk to in four steps.

For those of you that don’t know, Dell sent me to Brazil this week for a business trip, or at least that is what I thought. I left on Sunday afternoon and was in my hotel room the next evening.  This was my first international trip using Skype to keep in touch with the family. Sitting in my hotel room 5500 miles away from home, I logged on to see how the family was doing.

The purpose of my trip had not started. And of course I was feeling anxious about the week not really knowing exactly what I was going to find or do to make sure I came back successful.  The flight over was exhausting and this was my first international trip where I was asked to do more than just teach/present on a certain topic.  I was actually commissioned to go and make sure everything was okay and fix anything that is broken.  That ‘pressure’ plus the constant turbulence only made my coach seat that much more uncomfortable. Not to mention the bottom of the back cushion that felt like a brick in my back.

So, I was hoping that my time seeing and talking with my family would be a good distraction away from it all. It was very nice to be able to see faces and hear the chaos that is my family all they way in Porte Alegre, Brazil.  But it was the words of my youngest daughter Ella, relayed through Julie, that reminded me of something I all to often forget.  Julie, recapping the days events, told me that when she asked Ella where I was she responded, “He went to Brazil (well actually she said Taco Bell-same difference) 🙂  to tell people about Jesus.”

“That silly girl” I responded, “I’m here to work…to fix FX accounting issues.”   Blowing kisses goodnight, I logged off and started to get ready for the next day. Then it hit me…She is right.  That is why I went to Brazil.  How quickly and how often I get bogged down and focus on the temporary struggles and projects of life.

Over the last several weeks I have been reading through the Book of Joshua and my heart is consistently stirred with the desire to Go, as Joshua was called to Go. To be “strong and courageous,” and obey my Lord’s commands, abiding in His word.  And over and over again, my response seems to be, “Where do you want me to go?  What do you want me to do?”  Hoping for some sort of deep voice to come out of the clouds and say, “James, Go and….”, only to realize that He has already given me the direction I need.  And as if that was not enough, which it is, that booming deep voice came in the form of the cutest four year old girl I have ever laid eyes on.

So that’s what I did.  Pretty simple.  Oh how I always seem to find a way to make things complex. Perhaps its an effort to feel more important or smarter when I get tasks done, forgetting my worth lies not in my ability and I am working with the intelligence of a stupid sheep. Anyways, I digress…this week I flew 5500 miles to share the good news with a friend/coworker who sits no more than 4 steps away from me at Dell.

Was the trip a success? Not for me to decide, however, I hope that my renewed focus stays true to the call for all of God’s children.  Go and tell people about Jesus.


bad mommy moment #424

I should of known not to try and get ready without Asher in the bathroom staring at me awkwardly, but who can blame me?  Sometimes it’s nice to go to the bathroom by yourself. Oh the luxury!  One day…

As a result, my bad mommy moment #424:

Coming out of my room, I find my dear son pushing, yet

again, his sister’s baby doll stroller with not one, not two,

but SIX pairs of scissors that he found in my scrap

booking room!  Oops!

**And then, in true ‘Julie’ style. I run to get my camera and let my son continue to push his stroller full of sharp objects. 😉


you never forget your first love

And Asher’s is a plate.  And if he happens to forget one day when he is older, (like a teenager), this plate will be in my cabinet forever as a reminder!  😉  I can hear the jokes now from his sisters…

Seriously though, as he was waiting for his sandwich, I caught Asher today kissing his plate and it’s no wonder-she’s cute!  😉

pucker up!

it was a beautiful ceremony

What to do on a rainy day last week? Why, of course, perform a wedding ceremony! Princess Rilyn married Prince Cole (he is obviously in a royal robe of some sort), in a beautiful ceremony in which I officiated and was the photographer. Don’t worry, this ceremony was G-rated-no hand holding or kissing! Ewww, gross! 😉 Ella was the ‘Bling’ Bearer (check out that rock she is holding!) and Anna was a flower girl who holds no flowers.
** (You know I just love having pictures like these for future use one day…)

Rilyn learned about wedding garters from her aunt

Jessica’s wedding last month, so I find it cute that she

put a bracelet around her leg as her ‘garter’.


going for the ‘stache

Last July, after the girls had their visit with the dentist, you may remember that Ella was very unhappy to pull out of their ‘gumball machine’ this.

Well, this past week, as I told the girls it was time to go back to the dentist, the first thing Ella said was, “I hope I get another mustache!”   (I guess being four now makes for an attitude change!)  So, this year, much to her delight, after her dentist visit, the office had a filled gumball machine solely dedicated to stick-on fake mustaches (must of been a popularly requested prize!)  Here is her picture this year!  (Stay tuned for their next appointment in July where I hear, if she is lucky, she may pull out a pink mustache!)

You may notice she got a different style ‘stache this time!

**As for Rilyn, she again chose to go for a more girly prize! Shocking!

My photography business!

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