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Merry Christmas!

Because Rilyn started kindergarten this year, we thought it would be appropriate to do a ‘family report card’  in lieu of a traditional letter.  Enjoy!

the front and the back
the inside
our Christmas picture 2009

it was an accident

On Wednesdays I usually babysit 7 kids throughout the day.  It is wild and crazy but my kids love having their friends over all day and I love helping out my friends!  This afternoon, one of the boys came downstairs to tattle on Ella for drawing on the carpet.  Ella quickly came downstairs to tell me it was an “accident” (she was holding a dry erase marker because she was drawing on the whiteboard easel).  I didn’t even go upstairs to check, and just thought she probably swiped a short line across the carpet.  (Our carpet upstairs is pretty gross and we should of replaced it when we moved in, but thought, “it’s a giant playroom-so what’s the point?”)  Anyway, tonight I went upstairs to get something and this is what I saw…

This masterpiece was about 12 inches long and 6 inches tall

Ella, dear. I don’t think this was an “accident.”


our little star

Ella had her preschool Christmas show today.  She tried to sing every song and was very animated, even lifting up her dress to show everyone her belly and showing off her tights where the crotch was down to her knees.  We’re so proud of our little star!

Look at  me!!!
Ella singing her heart out!
not sure why Ella is the only child holding her hands out…(somebody likes attention!)

main street bethlehem

We braved the chilly weather and took to the streets of Bethlehem (in Burnet, TX!)

Roman soldier
petting the camels
all bundled up!
no room at the inn, but the innkeeper let us walk through!
the girls, daddy, Asher, and Grandpa looking at baby Jesus
Asher and Grandpa
We got a little distracted when we saw this boy’s mullet!

We just had to take a picture!


we pretend to believe

In our house we “pretend to believe” in Santa Claus.  The girls know that Santa is pretend.  Why?  Because we want to keep our focus on the birth of Jesus at Christmas time.  (I truly believe families can do this and still ‘believe’ in Santa, but in our family, our conviction is to keep Santa pretend.)  We still like to sit on Santa’s lap and read stories about Santa and watch Polar Express though.  The girls’ have big imaginations and as much as they like pretending to be princesses, they can also pretend Santa comes down their chimney as long as they know it’s pretend!  So this year, for their annual Santa lap shot, Rilyn told Santa she wanted, “an ipod and a phone.”  (Whoa!  If this is what she wants at 5, then we’re really in trouble when she’s a teen!)  Ella said she wanted a new nightgown.  🙂

From December 2009
Ella-almost 4!
Rilyn-5 1/2

Second Christmas Santa shot

James took the kids tonight (by himself!) to take pictures on Santa’s lap at our neighborhood Christmas party.  I knew  it was coming…”the second Christmas Santa shot”.  Rilyn and Ella both had it, (although Ella showed it dramatically more in the picture!) and I knew Asher was going to have it…

You have to admit Santa is a scary looking dude to a little child!

Asher 19 months

Here’s Ella’s second…

From December 2007

And Rilyn’s second…(we got all her crying on video, this shot was after daddy calmed her down a little by sitting with her)

From December 2005

flower girls, ring bearer, maid of honor and groomsman!

It was a great weekend at my little sister, Jessica’s wedding!  We all had important roles to play and her wedding turned out beautiful!  We are very excited for our new brother in law, Eric King.  Some highlights during the ceremony were Ella tripping as she was walking up the stage, me getting to wear 5 inch hot pink high heels, and Asher stopping in the middle of the aisle and had to be lured by daddy holding a lollipop (in which he devoured the whole thing including half of the stick and we couldn’t get the stick out of his hand for pictures because he would start crying!)

Before the wedding we all got manis/pedis!

We all had tank tops that read ‘bridesmaid’ or ‘flower girl’!  Of course Jessica’s

said, “Mrs. King” with a crown on it!

me and my girls before the ceremony

Classic Ella face!

my beautiful sister, Jessica, and me
the girls peeking downstairs at all the guests arriving!
the new Mr. and Mrs. Eric King!
Asher kept his tux and flower on all night!
Ella dancing on daddy’s feet!
sisters dancing the night away!

My photography business!

December 2009