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zoo day

The perfect day to go to the zoo-55 degrees outside, middle of the week, and no one was there! And when no one is there, your toddler can do this:

Where’s Asher?  Running free in the navy jacket!

And he can do this:

Asher popping a squat

We went to the Cameron Park zoo in Waco. It is small, but so much fun! Where else could you see buffalo next to a traffic signal?

Asher again proved he was ‘all boy’ when he discovered a teepee. There was mud inside and of course he found it! He came out looking like an Indian with war paint!

And then Asher decided that the teepee wasn’t decorated enough, so he added his own ‘native art’

those are his handprints!
snoozing lion
Ella, giraffes aren’t noisy!
This tiger was chasing and roaring at us!
The zoo had an orangutan play area for the kids!
There was also a play area for kids!  Ella loved climbing all over this snake
Can you see Asher ‘sliding into the water’?
Obviously, the kids were tired out after our day trip!This is Ella who fell asleep in the car on the way home!