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december outtakes

Some random pictures this month deserve to seen and so here is their turn!
Rilyn and Ella went to their good friend, Cole’s, ‘Star Wars’ themed birthday party.  All the girls got to wear handmade Princess Leia buns! What a cute idea!

Asher has taken a liking to pushing his sisters’ doll stroller around the house.  In an effort to thwart his ‘girly’ behavior, I switched the stroller with a grocery cart. (Just a little less girly, I know.)  Anyway, before I know it, he gets in my Tupperware cabinet and fills the cart with my Tupperware!  He was hilarious pushing it around the house-my own little Tupperware lady man!

Who needs bowls?

When we were in Fort Worth, Ella fell in love with Aunt Mandy’s cat, Leyle. Did I mention this kitty has a weight problem? That didn’t seem to bother Ella though, as she carried Leyle around the house like she was her baby. Poor kitty!